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Thursday, January 30, 2014


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So glad I found your blog! Love reading your thoughts on quilting.:) Plaids used to be my thing but now I think it's reproduction florals. Of course they have to be the right color combination! Congrats on finding your holy grail. lol


Ha! This post made me smile, I liked the angel chorus! My 'angel chorus' creative groove feels like that first rush of caffeine. I think most of my ideas come clearly in the morning, so I suppose initially the first feeling is clarity. Then I get the rush of all the possible ways that idea could go, and if I'm lucky I remember to get dressed before I hit my sewing area!
The fabrics are beautiful, that red paisley is yummy. I've won with you before so good luck to everyone else, just thought I'd comment anyway!


love paisley's - it takes awhile to get follows and certainly nice to know that you are being "read" isn't it. I'm not sure thought what my creative groove feels like - I just no that if I do not create I am bored.

Jean Perrine

Congratulations on your 200th post, Love reading it.


I'm a paisley-lover, too! It's gypsy, bohemian, classic--all the elements I love curled into one. My groove is finding as many different fabrics as I can to put into one quilt!
Thank you for a beautiful inspiring blog!


Lovely! The colors and patterns are so gypsy looking. My grove is when cutting is done and fabric is matched. Everything from there just flows!


I remember a vivid red paisley shirt dress with a fabric tie at the waist. I think it was advertised in Seventeen magazine when Twiggy was on the cover. I think I was in the 9th grade. Loved the red paisley dress! Still love paisley fabric even now. thanks for posting this so I could remember my favorite dress ever.

Christie Ruiz

Thank you so much fir the mention ! Remind me next time your in and I'll donate the next giveaway !

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