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Feeling Groovy Winner!

Feeling Groovy! (A Giveaway)

Welcome to my 200th post (and my longest, so bear with me)!

In the beginning (about two years ago), I was posting six days a week.  I didn't have any readers and there were a few times I thought of shutting it down.  I was having fun, but I had to make some changes.  I cut back on the writing, did more quilting and found the right balance.  Now I try to be entertaining, make it nice to look at and share my quilt process - the very same reasons I read your blog.  Throw in a little movie or food reference, and I'm good to go. I found my groove.

Since I'm feeling pretty groovy about this, I'd like to throw some good fabric karma into the quilting universe.  Quite a few folks out there are cutting back on fabric purchases (me too), but sometimes you come across a fabric that speaks to you and you just have to have it.

Before I go any further, let me tell you a story.

I remember doing some back to school shopping with my mother, a l-o-n-g time ago.  We entered the kids section of the local department store and it took no more than a few moments for me to find the Holy Grail of my wardrobe:  a little suit made of blue paisley, with bell-bottom pants and a Nehru jacket.  To top it off . . . drum roll please . . . it came with a gold medallion.  Think Mr. T and you'll get my drift.  I'm not a huge jewelry person (although I feel naked without earrings), but paisley is another story (I'm wearing a black and white paisley shirt as I write this).  The jacket was cut three-quarter length, the bell bottoms flared and creased in there unique perma-press way and the collar - that collar - stood at attention on my little neck.  The Beatles wore this jacket.  My heart raced.  I was only five years old but I was groovy.

If you've ever seen the brilliant movie Citizen Kane,  you know it begins with Charles Foster Kane (Orson Welles), the main character loosely based on William Randolph Hearst, on his deathbed.  Kane whispers his last word, "Rosebud", which sets the narrative in motion.  Who was Rosebud?  A woman, a place?  I'm not going to tell you, so go rent the movie, get some handwork and settle in to find out.  But should you ever be at my deathbed and I utter the words "Nehru Jacket", you will know that was the one and only time I ever felt groovy.  I have been on the quest for grooviness ever since.

Back to the fabric.  I recently went to Christie's Quilting Boutique in Norwalk, CT.  I walked into the store and there it was, the Holy Grail of my stash (cue the angel chorus)  - blue paisley fabric.  This is the closest I've ever seen to my little suit. 



Aren't they beautiful?  So since you took the time to stop by my little bit of the quilt blog universe, I'd like to thank you by way of some paisley. But you must tell me:  What does your creative groove feel like?

Leave a comment below by 6 PM EST on Sunday, February 2nd, and my trusted companion, Fiona, will pick a winner who will receive this very nice package of assorted 4" paisley squares and I'll throw in a fat-quarter of the blue as well.


In the meantime, I'm going to watch Citizen Kane and get to work on my next quilt . . .  

Feeling groovy,