Snow Storm Preparedness
Feeling Groovy! (A Giveaway)

Second Finish of 2014

Marina: Safe Harbor is complete and I am so happy.


And now I have a confession to make.  I had the worst time with that periwinkle blue section because I wanted it to look like ring waves caused by rain drops.  I loved the idea but I kept putting it off which ended up with me committing the very serious quilting sin of not quilting from the center out - my defintion of living dangerously.  I finally cut out a series of circles from 7" to 1.5" in diameter and started tracing them on the fabric.  I used a hera marker, a yellow chalk wheel and a blue wash out pen.  The fabric was so soft that the hera marker never took, the yellow chalk dust kept flying into the air and I couldn't see the blue pen.  The last resort?  A black charcoal pencil.  It worked beautifully and it all washed out.  However, if you are going to try this, I suggest you proceed with caution . . .


It worked like a charm.  I love those circles and the bump factor is mighty high.

I gave the quilt to my sister and her family as a thank you for having us on their boat one day last summer.  Without going into detail, let's just say that it was one of the funniest days of our lives.  We had dinner at a Portuguese seafood restaurant, all sunburned and exhausted, and this was our view:


I don't quite know what to put in the hoop next.  The Olympics, the Super Bowl and the Oscars are all coming up so I need to get my act together.  I have about seven tops to choose from, a bunch of ideas are floating around in my brain and my niece is having a baby in July.  

Breathe.  With all of the snow and the bone chilling cold we've had latetly, I think I'll just sit and stare at this picture for a while and dream of summer.  

Take care,