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AMB Blog Tour - Detour to Alabama!

Road Trip!

    Starting May 19th you are invited to swing through all 50 states on the American Made Brand Blog Tour.  This tour will feature fabric license plates designed by a blogger from each state, using the gorgeous  100% American Made Brand fabrics from the Clothworks Company.  This is your chance to 'tour' two states per day, be inspired and win fabrics!

    Want to know what my plate looks like?  I can't show you quite yet, but I can assure you, it looks nothing like this old plate I found hanging in my garage.  I bet quite a few of you have some funky stuff like this around.


    My husband tells me that the ICC stands for Interstate Commerce Commission which is kind of self-explanatory, but it also had something to do with trains.  After doing more research, I found out that most license plates were home-made.  How completely fitting is it that we've been given the opportunity to make our own plates - and out of fabric, no less?  These are the original vanity plates!

    The tour is organized by the year of statehood - with a few exceptions here and there.  I'm in Connecticut so I'll be on Day 3, May 21, with my neighbor Massachusetts.  For the entire schedule, check out American Made Brand and see where the road will take you.

    My plate?  All I'm saying is it's not black and white and it won't rust!

Take care,