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We Have A Winner For The Connecticut AMB Blog Tour!

The American Made Brand Fabric Tour: Welcome To Connecticut!



Greetings and Salutations!  Welcome to Day 11 of the American Made Brand Fabric Tour.  I am thrilled to represent Connecticut, The Constitution State.  If you have been following this tour, you know that each selected blogger was asked to design a license plate for their state using the AMB Fabrics from Clothworks.  Each license plate 'block' will then be sewn together for a quilt to be displayed in the Fall Quilt Market in Houston.This is your opportunity to 'visit' each of the 50 states with just a click of a mouse AND get the chance to win 8 different fat quarters of these beautiful solid fabrics.  So here we go!

I am a true believer in washing my fabrics before using them, but I didn't this time.  Right out of the bag, the fabrics were easy to handle but not slippery.  The colors are rich and varied.   I had a hard time deciding what colors to use but only because there are so many.  On that note I present to you my license plate representing the great state of Connecticut, the fifth state admitted to the union (on January 9, 1788); home of 100 colleges and universities; host to one of the largest dinosaur fossil finds in North America; home of the first female governor, Ella T. Grasso (she won the office in her own right), and where it is illegal for a beautician to hum, sing or whistle while working with a customer (but only in the town of Waterbury):


Our state flower is the Mountain Laurel.  Owing to its nicely angled five sided flower, I could not resist making this the main attraction of the block.  The flowers range from white to the darkest pink, and I had a pretty nice selection of pinks to work with.  Mountain Laurels are an endangered species and it is illegal to remove them once they have been planted.  The one I have in my yard has suffered greatly these past few winters but fortunately it always makes a comeback.

My blue stitches represent the Connecticut River which flows from Massachusetts and ends at Old Lyme where it meets Long Island Sound.  Connecticut has no direct access to the Atlantic Ocean which is kind of funny since we have 618 miles of coast line on Long Island Sound.  Technically boaters have to drive through New York waters to get to the Atlantic.  I'm okay with that - I was born in New York so it's kind of like visiting my home town.  The Sound is a relatively small body of water but it can get kind of rough during storms and it does change color quite a bit - hence my use of many blues.  I feel deeply connected to the Sound so I often use it as a background for photographing my quilts (see my banner).

I did not include our state bird, the American Robin, in the block, but just let me say this: the robins in my neighborhood may as well be roosters since they start to sing about 4:15 AM.  Being a light sleeper, I get up at 4:16 AM, make coffee and grab my needle and thread.  How about you - are you a late night or an early morning stitcher?  Please let me know by leaving a comment before midnight on Thursday, June 5 (Comments are now closed) and I'll announce the winner, bright and early on Friday morning - just don't forget to leave your contact information.  I'm going to include another item for the winner too.  Think inspirational candy for quilters . . .  

If you haven't already, check out A Sentimental Quilter.  Kathleen is representing Illinois on the tour today as well.  I'm heading there now - beep beep!

Take care,

Pam (aka Byrd)