Sunday: Sit, Sew, Suspend #12
Sunday: Sit, Sew, Suspend #13

Wednesday: Fortune Cookie Roulette #14

Failure is a dress rehearsal for success.

A long time ago, I had a Mariner's Compass block hanging in my studio. It was blue, green and white, had 16 points, and was 20" in diameter. Paper-piecing made for sharp points and matched seams.  It hung on my design wall in two parts, top and bottom, waiting to be put together.  I was afraid to finish it because I feared after all that work, the final product would not be perfect.  Eventually I gave it a go and sewed the two halves together.  I was right.  The halves did not match up - they were off by about an 1/8th of an inch.  I threw it away.  This preceded my long hiatus from quilting.

I shake my head at that now.  In the scheme of things, being off by an 1/8th of an inch is not a big deal, unless you are a plastic surgeon.  I've mellowed a bit in the past few years.  I love the  Mariner's Compass block and I really wanted to give it another go.  So after a few rather warm hours in my studio (corner of my basement) yesterday, this is what I have to show for it:

It still has its freezer paper backing, hence the bumpiness, the medium blue wedges were rough cut, hence the wavy edges, and it is held up by push pins, hence the red dots.  Not bad at all.  This one is a keeper.  As much as I would like to make another one today, this is part of a fundraising quilt so I've got to get moving on the 248 hsts to make up the the rest of the top which will be Ocean Waves.

There are two factors essential to any healthy relationship, be it personal or working: fun and love.  My failure with the first Mariner's Compass was not that the two halves did not match.  It was failure to recognize where the fun was in making it and loving the process.  I was so bent on being perfect in the process, that I failed to see the beauty in the result.  Having it hang on my wall for so long was like an albatross around my neck.  It was a source of really bad karma in my work space, when it should have been a source of inspiration.  So if failure is a dress rehearsal for success, than I guess it was worth it.  And now, it's showtime.


Happy 4th of July to you (and please be safe)!

Take care,