Movies To Quilt By: Les Miserables
Peace To Boston

Fortune Cookie Roulette #19 and #20


Two for one:

Every good friend once was a stranger. 


Don't be over self-confident with your first impression of others.


I've developed a renewed interest in using templates.  I swore I'd never use them again once I discovered improvisational piecing.  No doubt about it: there is a very good reason why Gwen Marston chose the word liberated to describe what she does. Between reading her book Liberated Quiltmaking II and taking a class with Denyse Schmidt a few years ago, improvisational piecing has made me a better quilter - I'm just a lot more relaxed with the whole process.  Each of the 400 pieces in this top and the 40 on the back was traced with my old-school cereal box templates and pinned before sewing.  This is a big deal for me and it is extremely gratifying.


I cannot wait to start hand-quilting it.  I say this as today's temperature reached 83 degrees. This gorgeous collection of fabrics is Indigo Crossing by Laurie Simpson and Polly Minick for Moda.  I will use my favorite batting, Quilter's Dream Request and I'm trying a new thread: Finca Presencia Perle Cotton Size #16 in a beautiful blue.  

This quilt is a commission and as much as I would like to show you the backing, I can't because it is a suprise.  

Quilting, improvisational piecing, and my sewing machine were once strange, intimidating and frustrating.  I also thought I knew a lot about the process.  It's nice to let first impressions go and to see it all in a different light.

Take care,