If You Can't Stand The Heat . . .

Fortune Cookie Roulette #23

It's the crying baby that gets the milk.

Congratulations to the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William who, besides having the most elegant titles, welcomed a little boy into their family.  I'm sure they are pretty well set in the baby linens department, so instead of a quilt, I'll just send along my good wishes. 

Our heat wave had me doing quite a bit of early morning piecing.  In fact, I didn't realize how much I'd done.  What you see here are some new pieces mixed in with some older ones that needed just a little work.  

I feel a bit more comfortable making tops just for the heck of it, not feeling that I have dive into quilting right away.  This is perfectly okay.  After I debulked my stash a few months ago, I was left with my absolute favorite fabrics.  It felt good to work with what I had, and just make tops for the sake of making tops.  After giving up knitting and sending my needle collection to a reader in the UK, I committed to going into the comb daily to cut and piece whenever my hands got a little antsy.  I'm so happy I did (I also sent a skein of baby blue cotton yarn, so I guess I had feeling . . .).

As a result of this furious stitching, I had to do some organization. 


I made up these cards which include the dimensions of the top as well as the anticipated batting and backing sizes.  If I've got some title ideas, I add those too.  I've started dropping borders on my quilts because they are the my least favorite element of a top.  So many times the quilting I do there seems like an afterthought.  I'm trying to change that and I think adding a pieced border might help.  Anyway, these cards are not like writing in stone, so if I want to add a border it's not a big deal to change the measurements.  It also helps if I'm running to the fabric store or placing an online order and if I want to throw in some batting and backing, I just check the card.  If someone calls and asks if I've got a quilt top ready to go, I can do a quick search of my inventory and we're all set.

So at last count, I have two quilts being hand quilted, six completed tops, three more in the piecing stage, and a few experimental blocks.  It looks like I will have quite a bit of cozy hand-quilting to do once winter arrives.  I am prepared.

Speaking of being prepared, here's a little advice to the new parents:  yes, it is the crying baby who gets the milk, but give him some hugs and kisses too.  A baby has so much to say and he is just trying to figure out what to say and how to say it.  So until he can tell you (and in no time at all, he will, trust me), give him those hugs and kisses and something to eat and all will be right with his world.  Cheers!

Take care,