Fortune Cookie Roulette #27
Quilt As Desired.

January Word Of the Month

I'm feeling somewhat behind the eight ball recently as I have read that so many of you have chosen a word for the year.  Alas, I have not.  I love words, except those that refer to trying situations like home repairs, car maintenace and weight control.  Thankfully there are not many ugly words in English, so finding the right word when you have so much to choose from can be daunting, but not really a problem.  It's a good thing I dropped French a long time ago because I am sure the words for home repairs, car maintenance and weight control are quite beautiful and then, yes, I would have un problème.

With this in mind, I thought of a new project.  In the middle of each month, I will do a spontaneous assemblage (or about as spontaneous as I can get) of scraps about a word that blows through the cosmos and into my psyche.  By December I will have a nice top ready to go in the hoop for a winter quilting project, and it will be a momento of the year that was, good or bad.


I probably won't do the actual word itself, but some symbolic representation of that word.  So here I have the block for January and the word is Forward.   I've heard that word used in so many conversations in the last ten days that it made me sit up and pay attention.  I guess it's kind of an obvious word for the New Year, but it felt like there was someone poking me in the ribs every time I heard it, like I was being pushed forward, and I had to do something about it.  

I'm not going to commit to a block size either.  This block measures 12" x 18".  This will give me some wiggle room to play with when I assemble the top.

If you're interested, try it.  Let me know and I'll figure out a way to post all the blocks on the 15th of the month.  I am looking forward to what happens . . .

Take care,