Third Finish of 2014
Old School

National Quilting Day

I had the best day.

Not only was it National Peanut Butter Day and National True Confessions Day, it was also National Quilting Day.  I didn't know this until I woke up this morning and I was thrilled.  My niece Lindsay and I have been communicating electronically about her first quilt.  Today was the first day that worked for both if us to get together and sew, in person, side-by-side.  Rather fortuitous, I'd say.


How cute is this? This darling young woman listened so patiently as I talked endlessly about quilt history, traditional vs. modern, rotary cutters vs. scissors, machine vs. hand, speed vs. slow.  Of course we also talked about Vladimir Putin, Russian Science Fiction, the Academy Awards, Jennifer Lawrence and snow.  Lately all conversations around here come back to snow.


This is the Downton Abbey fabric line from Andover - just beautiful.  Lindsay cut all of these fabrics by hand and traced her sewing lines with a pencil and card board template.  I was beyond impressed.


The pattern is Rosalie by Valori Wells.  What I love about this pattern is that it looks complicated but it is not: no y-seams.   It is a great showcase for favorite fabrics which really works for me because I have this issue with cutting fabric.  You see, if I buy a fabric just because I like it and not because it is going into any particular quilt, I never use it.  I bring the fabric home, wash it, press it and then put it away.  I had quite a few favorites building up and had to do something with them.  I mean really - what good is fabric if it just sits in a drawer?    I love this layout but I haven't decided what color my little triangles are going to be.  I'm leaning towards grey since this is pretty busy.


I was pretty bummed to see the day end.  I guess it's always some sort of quilting day around here, but it's not that often that I get to hang out with my niece.  That was the best part.

Take care,