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Fortune Cookie Roulette #30

Experience is what you get when you don't get what you want.

I thought I was in the clear when I chose Summer Garden (Barbara Brackman's #2284b).  I love the name of the block and I thought it would work so well with a palette of white, purple and grey, with just a touch of green thrown in.  The quilt is for my grand-niece (!) who is due to arrive in mid-July, my favorite time of year.  I could almost feel the finished product, freshly washed and out of the dryer, all bumpy and comfy, ready to go.

I planned to make 9 blocks, each one 12" square so it would finish at 36" square.   I like the tradition of giving a baby a yard of fabric and I'm comfortable with that size.  It's perfect for a tummy time mat and later, when she's older, it would make for an excellent cape and a camping-in-the-living room tent cover too.  

I got this far and then I stopped.  I froze.  I left it up on my design wall for a while and then I took it down.  A few days later, I put it up again.  I really wanted this top to work but  it went nowhere.  So what went wrong?


For starters,  I've been thinking a lot about scale lately so the individual pieces for a baby quilt should be on the small size, as in less than 3 inches.  Super-large pieces, like two half-square triangles or even four 18" squares would work too - close to a whole cloth with a bit of a twist.  But the medium-sized open spaces in this top bothered me and I felt like it would work better as a twin bed quilt for a pre-teen girl.  The angles are pretty harsh too; it started to look like a Pac Man game.  So now it sits in the Drawer of Forgotten Blocks (funny - as I'm looking at this picture I'm seeing a secondary block emerge.  Down girl.).

So - working with 2" squares in mind,  I pulled out a gray fabric that I have absoultely no memory of buying (come on - don't tell me this has never happened to you before!) and I put it up on the wall.  Then I took some of my cut 2.5" squares and threw them into the mix.


 Version #1 


Sorry I'm leaning so much.

Version #2


Remember that Marvin Gaye song, You Got To Give It Up ? It's about a guy at a disco who's scared to get out on the dance floor.  He finally makes his move and has a blast.  That's the way I feel about this piece - I let go of what I thought I wanted to do and did something else.  Once I started putting the small squares up on the wall, I felt better.  I thought I was being too simplistic with the one patch idea, but I'm really happy with what happened.  I'm still working on the colors - some pink might work it's way in there, and I think the green is out - but I really like the direction this is taking.  

Whatever colors I use, this little quilt will make a great little cape for this little supergirl.

Take care,