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Fortune Cookie Roulette #33

Fortune Cookie Roulette #32

There are many new opportunities being presented to you.

Jump Cut Arts just turned three and that kind of amazes me.  If you know any three year olds,  you know that they are: good at initiating conversations, beginning to see others as friends, becoming more aware of the nice world around them and they like to tell stories.  In other words, my blog is the typical three year old.


I think I've got the conversation part down; I try to write something fairly interesting every week or so and I love comments.  I visit lots of friendly blogs (check my sidebar), and I continue to be amazed at what is going on in the on-line quilt world.  Just last week I 'attended' a webinar with Jacquie Gering, Modern Quilting: Know It When You See It.  It was a tremendously informative session and I have read my notes several times since.  Only time will tell if I will be able to successfully integrate modern quilting principles into my my quilts.  But just as a three year old has so many opportunities, I am eager to try so many things and I'll just need to practice, practice, practice.  





Three year olds can be kind of impulsive some times.  That may explain why I bought Carolyn Friedlander's book Savor Each Stitch: Studio Quilting With Mindful Design.  I bought the book virtually sight unseen back in September:  I read the title and I knew I had to have it.  I have read it three times since and have resisted reading any reviews.  I hope to clarify my feelings for the book (hint: all great) and write a decent review soon.


It's a cold and rainy day here at Jump Cut Arts.  There's not too much on the agenda - it's just kind of peaceful.  Sorry I can't resist  - pieceful.  With absolutely no ideas in mind, I'm just going to put some WIPS and UFOs up on the ol' design wall and see what happens.


My sister gave me a gift card and I blew it all on quilt tools.  Sounds like an excellent play opportunity.


I'm sure there's a good movie on sometime this afternoon.


I just might read Savor Each Stitch again.


Lots of opportunities. 


Time for tea and toast.


Take care,