Fortune Cookie Roulette #34

Boxing For Quilters

In case you haven't heard, it's been a l-o-n-g winter, and while we are just four days shy of spring
(astronomically speaking), winter weather in these parts may linger for another month or so.  Such is life.


While I have enjoyed many unexpected snow days, and the leisurely hand-quilting therein, I am done with being inside. After I finished Ice, restlessness set in and the resulting lack of focus lead to many false starts in the sewing room.

             Box3    Box5   Box4
 I wanted a small project to keep me busy until I could begin hand-quilting the next big one.  Small projects are not really my thing, but I really want them to be my thing, so I spent many a February evening sketching a series of small quilts with a common theme.  I'm almost there, but just not quite.  I would show the proof in pictures of my workroom, but showing pictures of my messy work habits will never, ever be my thing.  I do have some pride.

My restlessness and indecision worsened.  I couldn't even compose a decent blog post.  There was only one solution and it is the only thing that has ever worked for me and it was the one thing missing.  I had to add activity to my day that went beyond sketching, sewing and sitting-at-my-desk-facing-my-computer-for-eight-hours.  I had to find some form of recreation that was quick, intense, interesting and demanded focus.

Naturally I chose boxing.

Unlike Marlon Brando in On The Waterfront, I harbor absolutely no regret about not being a 'contender'.  In fact I think the sport is beyond brutal and I can't believe there is still an audience for it.  But the training that is involved is another story completely.  Quick?  It was the fastest hour of my life.  Intense? My trainer got me over my fear very quickly.  Interesting?  I may have barely passed high school physics, but boxing has taught me more about Newton's laws of motion than any time spent in a class room. Demand focus?  If you don't pay attention, you're done. 

I got through the class and I awoke the next morning, focused and ready to start my day.  Not a muscle ached in my body.  I finished a small quilt top and 3/4 of a large one.  In homage to Rocky, I renamed my husband Adrian and he promised to buy me two turtles, Cuff and Link.  I shadow-boxed with my new gloves and practiced looping a towel around my neck.

And precisely 24 hours after my class ended, I collapsed.  Every muscle in my body cried.  I regretted buying boxing gloves.  I regretted walking through the gym doors.  I regretted barely passing high school physics.  I regretted calling my husband Adrian.  I regretted everything.


And then this happened.  While laying there, mentally listing all the regrets I had about my non-sporting life, the boxing ring popped into my head.  Although I never entered the ring (my trainer is a smart man),  it obviously made it's way to me.  My love of the square manifested itself through boxing.  Inspiration truly is everywhere!  

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Need a movie recommendation?  May I recommend The Quiet Man?  It's about boxing . . .

Take care,