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The Frame Is Up

Less Writing, More Reading. Less Planning, More Making.

It's been kind of quiet here at jump cut arts, at least as far as writing goes.  I have been doing a lot of reading and making.  

My day job has kept the left side of my brain occupied, but my right side has been just as busy.   Leaf-n

I am hand sewing every night - so rewarding, comforting and productive.

I've rediscovered linocut printing, a process I tried years ago and have now fully embraced, and in doing so I found something I lost.



J-maple-2When I studied photography in college, many years before the digital revolution,  I would spend hours in the lab trying to get the perfect print.  

Having developed my own film (which if you didn't do right, you had to reshoot and hope for the best),  I could only see the final results of my work a few hours later, after a spot was available in the shared lab.  

This was a long process - not then, really, but an eternity by today's standards.  Analog photography takes a long time and it is an expensive pursuit too.  But for a 19 year old who loved the mystery and thrill of the photo lab, I also loved every minute of my mistakes and successes.  

I'd spend any money I made as a teaching assistant on more film and paper (and cappuccinos).   



So a few weeks ago smack in the middle of peeling a print off a block, all of these college memories came flooding back - a true moment of deja vù.  

Just as I panicked about exposure times and f-stops in the darkness of that lab years ago, feeling a thrilling bit of discovery and anticipation of work about to reveal itself, I stood at my table and froze.

Had I pressed the print carefully?   K-leaf-no-bg

Used too much ink?  Too little ink?  Did I frame it properly?  Would people get it?  Would people like it? 

My heart was pounding.  I continued to peel.

The print was fine.  

It was a very happy moment for me.

I traveled back in time to the moment I discovered  creative expression, the sheer joy of learning and making, and all the possibilities that process holds.  

I wasn't expecting it, nor was I looking for it, but there it was - I felt renewed.

As you can tell by the accompanying leaves, I started this post a few weeks ago.  By now I should be sharing ornaments and trees and white lights.  The leaves look nice though, so I'll keep them.

This little break from writing has been a good thing for me.  I'm really looking forward to a new year of creativity and I hope you are too.  


Take care,


PS -  If you haven't seen the Pantone Color of the Year (2107), go do it!  Finally, a color I l-o-v-e!