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To All The Shirts We Loved Before

With apologies to Willie Nelson, "To All The Shirts We've Loved Before"  is from shirts we've worn for a number of years, some 20 years old.  It is an improv piece, not a process I typically do, but sometimes when the mood strikes, you have to go with it.





























It was tremendously satisfying to work this small quilt, (19" x 20"), and I finished it in less than a week. I also wanted to see if I still had my small stitch skills.  Without a doubt, working with a finer cotton (almost too fine as the fabric was a little slippery) and a smaller needle is much easier on my hands.  I think I was trying to hard too make my rocking stitch work with a larger needle, but there is just no comparison to doing the rocking stitch with a size 9.  

There is a lot to be said for muscle memory - glad I still have it.  Sit ups are next . . .


Take care,