It's Been Virtual

Gather - A Finish

The word gather, from the Old English word for fellowship, gaed, took on new meaning for me this year.  Each gathering of family, friends and fellow creatives was deeper, more connected and loving than I had ever felt before, or perhaps it always was and this year I took the time to notice.

This is a variation on a block I found in Brackman's Encyclopedia: Aunt Rachels' Star from Women's Day Magazine (1942), expanded to 36".  The quilt itself measures 56.5".


I have visions of this quilt hanging in the doorway of a warm and embracing home, welcoming all those who enter.  I can also see it wrapped around a family, snuggled on a snowy day, watching classic movies and eating popcorn while the winds blow outside.


The circles remind me of the various tables at Thanksgiving, - the kids table, the family table, the friends table, the overlapping conversations, the welcome hugs at the beginning, the goodbye hugs at the end.  Some circles are huddled in the corner, private jokes and quiet conversations ...


I highly recommend Bohin Marking pencils.  I am always nervous about marking my quilts, but when I do I use Bohin and the marks always wash out.

Gather with the ones you love.


Take care,